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>>On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Chien Ting Chin wrote:
>>> Oh, it's not Shin Getter, but I don't know if this one's called Getter G
>>> or not. #2 has a drill and claws, #3 has a tank base, hope that helps u
>>> figure it out.
>>I believe it is the first Getter Robo. I thought it looked cool.
>>Maybe one of those hobby stores (such as goblin or noda-ya) have it on
>>their websites?
>>Good luck,

It's from studio half-eye, I think. and it's from the original Getta Robo.
 Very impressive's a multimedia kit, meaning it has resin parts,
metallic screws and all that. The guy who did it has some stuff in HLJ,
just look for Studio Half-Eye. he's also notorious for a
fully-transforming Escaflowne kit.

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