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>> Tamiya is generally available anywhere else, more
>> shops carry them -
>> particularly in the places I go to - Glorietta, SM
>> Megamall. In Greenhills
>> (and Robinsons) there's another place in the 3rd
>> floor which sells Citadel
>> Colours - highly recommended for drybrushing - even
>> though they're used for
>> metal minis. I haven't tried Citadel's spray colors
>> yet for my mechs though.
>> But their Black primer is tempting to experiment
>> with. :)
>metal minis on the 3rd floor?
>that would us, warhammer players, you refer to. :)
>i use citadel's paints if i have to paint a gundam
>(which is seldom...a gundam looks so good straight out
>of a box when you compare it to miniatures. i can't
>get away without painting them miniatures, that's why
>i paint 'em. i'm lazy, bleh)

I was there just this thinking of getting some of the colors
there for some nice and nasty original paintjobs...I specially liked the
bleached bone color and the black stuff....Try using Pylox paint.
effective, cheap and not bad on the spray effect....

>the black primer is wonderful. it gives your colors a
>darker, heavier feel. and looks good even when you
>miss a spot while painting (actually, it looks good,
>end of discussion).

Hahahahhaha! I never thought of it that way...time to experiment!

>the spray colors are just like the bottled ones.
>they're usually used for mass-painting. like green
>spray paint for goblins and orcs (i doubt anyone's
>willing to brushpaint a couple hundred goblins...i
>sure am not, aspiring goblin warlord that i am :P)

YO! wanna meet up in Hobby Cafe???

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