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> I agree. And I thought Sentinels was an acceptable plotline to expose us
> new characters as well as continuing the saga of old favorites. However
> this
> new thing scares me. To be honest the "New" Voltron really sucks in my
> opinion. It is barely related to the old show, and the graphics aren't
> great
> by any means. I mean wow look at how many moves they have for Hagar,
> Personally I hope that they wouldn't tarnish the name of Robotech (which
> some is an oxymoron) by throwing together a lame show just to sell toys.
> mean truthfully the original Robotech had an intriguing storyline, as did
> the
> original Macross. But if they are just throwing together a lame plot to
> cash
> in on the Robotech name/nostalgia, well it will really suck then.

  I'll hold judgment on Robotech 3000 until I see about 2 weeks worth of
episodes of Robotech 3000 once its released. With only seeing 2 pictures of
R. 3000, I don't have much to say, except, weird robot and I want more info.!

  I like the new Voltron, in some cases its better then the old Voltron and
sometimes its not. I will admit this, the old Voltron is good, but it wasn't
that great. I liked it as a kid, but I tried watching it again and could
hardly watch it. Computer animation has a long way to go for human
characters. The characters movements and facial expressions in Beast Machines
is very good. But then again, I think it depends on which CG company is
during a show and/or production values and/or budget. That CG Starship
Troopers series showed promise, but I cannot stand to watch it anymore. Its
story line is so... BLAND. Ick!


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