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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> There was talk about a Getta Robo that separates and transforms into
> the three droids... I mean the planes really separate and recombine to
> become one of the three gettas...
> I couldn't believe it when I read it... Who's coming out with it? Is
> it out already?

Believe it! It's a miracle, but they've done it. There are some
compromise of course, none of the planes and robos are smooth and rounded
like the anime. Seems they've focussed on making robo #1 looks good (from
the front). Have a look at HJ or Dengeki Hobby. In Oct/99 of HJ, pg.217
there's a transformation process for robo #1, you can also see all the
paraphrenia (such as #2's legs and #3's threads) hanging from the back of

Can't figure out the company (likely a small company). 48300 Yens,
limited edition of 1000. (now THAT is a collectible, I bet you half of
the customers won't even open the box when they get it)

Wonder when it will show up on eBay :)

Oh, it's not Shin Getter, but I don't know if this one's called Getter G
or not. #2 has a drill and claws, #3 has a tank base, hope that helps u
figure it out.

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