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Lim Jyue wrote:
> Uhm, I don't have the kit, so I don't quite get why you would want
> to coat all the white pieces. Are they that bad?

Sometimes the light color plastic pieces are a little translucent, so that
painting or gluing some dark color piece to the underside will affect the
color of the topside. Pure white is usually bad news, but off-whites are
usually ok. Orange seems to be the worst (Flat, Zugock E's jet pack etc).
In older kits, even red is not reliable.

All these time of yaking, I hadn't actually check out my own kit, which I
just did. It's pure white, but the shoulder pads are pretty thick, so I
think the red won't show through even without under-coating. Sorry I
wasted bandwidth babbling aloud.

Back to the Quebley question, so no one has ventured an answer to the
monoeye vs. bi-eye question?

Can someone explain what the big shoulder pads are for? The manual has a
blurb about them, but I can't read Japanese. Something about 12 (motors?)
... 4 independent (pads?) ... mobility/performance...

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