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If you have seen Z Gundam, the name is not funny at all, as it is
pronounced Ba-jee-na. But I do crack up everytime I play Char's
Counterattack on the playstation when the name is spelt exactly the same
as the female genitalia.

As a Japanese national, I do feel embarassed everytime I see things like
this, but in reality the most products displaying bad or nonsensical
English were meant for Japanese eyes only and because most people won't
know/notice the mistakes the companies don't bother getting an accurate
translation. All they care about is how good it looks to the eye and how
foreign it appears/sounds. But still you would think that big companies
would have at least one employee with good English who could check the
work! I always wanted to go up to the companies and offer to check the
English so as to avoid further emabarassment/shame in the future. : )

Only consolation is that there is an TV game show in Japan which includes
a segment where the show sends a reporter to look for bad/poor use of the
English language in the cities and make fun of/educate the people
responsible. : )


Federico Makabenta wrote:

> I've always wanted to ask this of Gundam fans:
> When did Quatre Bagina cease to become funny for you guys?
> I still can't avoid a snicker everytime I hear it...
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