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<< I know the feeling. I don't have an opinion until I have lots of pictures
 info about the plot, story, character descriptions, reason for robot
 etc. I figure that crystal/rock guy is a new alien or a highly evolved
 Invid. Remember, Robotech has Macross animation, but the story is different
 then Macross. I say this, because you probably won't, but I want to avoid a
 Macross vs. Robotech debate. I accept Macross as Macross and Robotech as
I agree. And I thought Sentinels was an acceptable plotline to expose us to
new characters as well as continuing the saga of old favorites. However this
new thing scares me. To be honest the "New" Voltron really sucks in my
opinion. It is barely related to the old show, and the graphics aren't great
by any means. I mean wow look at how many moves they have for Hagar, ONE???
Personally I hope that they wouldn't tarnish the name of Robotech (which to
some is an oxymoron) by throwing together a lame show just to sell toys. I
mean truthfully the original Robotech had an intriguing storyline, as did the
original Macross. But if they are just throwing together a lame plot to cash
in on the Robotech name/nostalgia, well it will really suck then.


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