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At 09:15 AM 11/28/99 , Federico Makabenta wrote:
>I forgot to ask someone on this list about this...
>There was talk about a Getta Robo that separates and transforms into the
>three droids... I mean the planes really separate and recombine to
>one of the three gettas...
>I couldn't believe it when I read it... Who's coming out with it? Is it

Which one? There are 2 full (50+ episodes) seasons of TV show. 2
different OAV follows. There is a current ongoing OAV right now. Getta
Robo is one of the last Golden Age Super Robot show by the same folks who
did Grandizier and Manzinger Z.

And one more thing, where did you think Tomino got his idea for the core
fighter combinations in Gundam? Yep, Getta Robo. This is demostrated
more in the TV show and ZZ and Victory Gundam.

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