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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> Sorry if I've never played the game. Mecha modeling takes up a high drain of
> my cash currently. I'm thinking of using palmtop gundams in a similar
> fashion though...
> > the black primer is wonderful. it gives your colors a
> > darker, heavier feel. and looks good even when you
> > miss a spot while painting (actually, it looks good,
> > end of discussion).
> you have pics of mechs that you primed with black? :)
> I need to know the possibilities.
> > the spray colors are just like the bottled ones.
> > they're usually used for mass-painting. like green
> > spray paint for goblins and orcs (i doubt anyone's
> > willing to brushpaint a couple hundred goblins...i
> > sure am not, aspiring goblin warlord that i am :P)
> Hmm... What type of paint is it? Is it a lacquer spray? or just a standard
> acrylic spray like the rest? I'm intrigued - although I find the colors
> would look gaudy on mechs though.

I wouldn't buy Citadels black primer, it is much too expensive. You can
just buy any common automotive primer, though black is a harder color to
find. You can try and find black primer at an art supply store. And
it'll usually be about half the price of citadel.

Their hobby paints however are very good, I play warhammer 40,000 and
have found that they work just as good on Gundam models.


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