garrick lee (
Sun, 28 Nov 1999 04:07:06 -0800 (PST)

> Tamiya is generally available anywhere else, more
> shops carry them -
> particularly in the places I go to - Glorietta, SM
> Megamall. In Greenhills
> (and Robinsons) there's another place in the 3rd
> floor which sells Citadel
> Colours - highly recommended for drybrushing - even
> though they're used for
> metal minis. I haven't tried Citadel's spray colors
> yet for my mechs though.
> But their Black primer is tempting to experiment
> with. :)

metal minis on the 3rd floor?

that would us, warhammer players, you refer to. :)
i use citadel's paints if i have to paint a gundam
(which is seldom...a gundam looks so good straight out
of a box when you compare it to miniatures. i can't
get away without painting them miniatures, that's why
i paint 'em. i'm lazy, bleh)

the black primer is wonderful. it gives your colors a
darker, heavier feel. and looks good even when you
miss a spot while painting (actually, it looks good,
end of discussion).

the spray colors are just like the bottled ones.
they're usually used for mass-painting. like green
spray paint for goblins and orcs (i doubt anyone's
willing to brushpaint a couple hundred goblins...i
sure am not, aspiring goblin warlord that i am :P)

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