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I agree that Gunze Sangyo is better to running an airbrush with. It comes in
two types - the standard oil based which you need to run a thinner through
and the aqueous series which you only need water to dilute. I'd recommend
that you get the aqueous series (designated with H-xx). Add note: In the
instruction manuals - the recommended colors of a mech usually have Gunge
Sangyo colors as mixing base. I've only been able to get the aqueous series
from Japan.

Tamiya is really better for drybushing. But is workable in an airbrush with
denatured alcohol as its thinning base - I use around 3:1 ratio. I also use
their TS-7 Malt White lacquer spray as a substitute primer - it's thin and
usually makes as good a base as their standard primer.

The Philippines problem isn't which one is better - but what's available.

STC in Manila - Ask for me if they have the H-xx series (aqueous) colors -
they're the ones that are really made for injection kits. I need to know
this because I want to get my Eva colors right. The Greenhills one has more
sprays and they have less choices for Gunge colors than Tamiya colors in
other shops.

Tamiya is generally available anywhere else, more shops carry them -
particularly in the places I go to - Glorietta, SM Megamall. In Greenhills
(and Robinsons) there's another place in the 3rd floor which sells Citadel
Colours - highly recommended for drybrushing - even though they're used for
metal minis. I haven't tried Citadel's spray colors yet for my mechs though.
But their Black primer is tempting to experiment with. :)

Of all - don't buy STC's Vallejo colors brand. They suck big time. I spoiled
a mech using one...

You can mix lacquer sprays for both.

> Guys, which paint brand is much better? Gunze or Tamiya brand? I haven't
> for ages and now that I've come back to some that special toys center in
> they say is that all they have is Gunze brand, since the tamiya brand is
hard to
> get...
> So, for filipino in this mailing list...
> How much is the paint? Thinner? Is gunze really good? Coz I usually buy
> brand all the time...
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