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Master Asia wrote:
> Oh yeah, Tamiya also makes enamels and Gunze also make acryllics but both are
> not as common.

Here in Toronto, Tamiya enamel (oil-based), Gunze acrylic (water), and
Gunze enemal (oil) are all easy to get. Tamiya acrylic is a little harder
to find.

I've used Tamiya enamels before, pretty good paint. But now I mainly use
Gunze acrylic and compliment with a few bottles of Testor enamel. I
choose Gunze because in terms of color selection, I think it's most
suitable for Gundam models. Tamiya colors are more geared towards cars
and military models (well Tamiya models). Gunze is the manufacturer of
Gundam specific colours.

I generally like Gunze acrylics, but some of the colors are sub-par. The
flat black turns gummy fairly quickly (maybe I open the bottle too much),
the silver and gunmetal are grainy. (Testor silver is great)

But yes, the Gunze paints are mostly grossy, I have a bunch of shinny
models waiting to get a thin spray of dullscote.

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