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>Are there any differences between the newtypes of the Universal Century's
>Gundam and the
>After War of Gundam X ?

That's hard to say, since we've nevr gotten a clear definition of what
Newtype is.

Two things are clear, however. Gundam X wasn't written by Tomino and,
whatever the creators of Gundam X think Newtype is, it doesn't match
Tomino's concept of what Newtype is.

Furthermore, in the latter part of Gundam X, there is a statement to the
effect that there's no such thing as Newtype in whatever sense it had
previously been described.

In Tomino's universe, there's always a subtext that, to some extent,
everyone is Newtype, but only a few have awakened to that fact and
manifested their Newtype potential.


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