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> They also have the Char's Zaku II Kado Senshi
> chogokin. No pictures for either Kado Senshi are up,

> yet.

Here's the link from eHobbyland, where you can view
Gundam chogokin's posability:

Remember the dicussions we have sometimes ago about
this chogokin? You may notice from the pictures, that
chogokin Gundam (as well as chogokin Char's Zaku) are
mostly made by plastic, not metal like the ol' school
chogokin of the 70's and 80's, that's why you should
exercise your judgement if they sell for more than
$52.00 in North America. If poseability is everything
for you, then price is not an issue; if selling cost
matters, then think before you buy.

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