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>Guys, which paint brand is much better? Gunze or Tamiya brand? I haven't
>for ages and now that I've come back to some that special toys center in
>they say is that all they have is Gunze brand, since the tamiya brand is hard
>So, for filipino in this mailing list...
>How much is the paint? Thinner? Is gunze really good? Coz I usually buy
>brand all the time...

OK, I'm not filipino but I hope this helps:

Gunze Paints are great for airbrushing and also great for drybrushing( if
diluted a little) It dries quickly and smoothly BUT only gloss is available
(its either that or the store I go to in New York doesn't have it).Gunze
MR.Color paints also have a really strange solvent that I'm not very sure
about and its thinner isn't that cheap either!

Gunze Mr.Color thinner is 8.00 US Dollars where I go
and paints are 2.00 US dollars

Tamiya is really good for drybrushing, comes in more colors, easier to clean
and dilute because its acryllic but its more expensive and Annoying with
airbrushes because of its thickness. Oh yeah, Tamiya Thinner is a ripoff if
you smelled it you'd know it was a certain household liquid you could get for
like 5x less.

Tamiya thinner and paints are 2.75 US dollars - 3.75 US Dollars (I don't
really remember)

And lastly if they have Testors I would reccomend you use that since its
really inexpensive and goes on relatively well and since its oil based it
dries quick and has the most colors I've ever seen, but for the best gloss
paints I would still go with Gunze MR.Color.

Testors paints are 98 cents

Oh yeah, Tamiya also makes enamels and Gunze also make acryllics but both are
not as common.

I hope this helps.

- Roger

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