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> writes:
> > Yeah, I see what you mean. It actually looks good in that pic though. They
> > are supposed to have a normal Green Zaku II chogokin, too. Bandai will
> > probably make us buy it, by including the other weapons with the normal
> one.
> > That's just speculation on my part, about the weapons, though.
> Well, that may be true for the Sturm fausts...but The tank gun has always
> been more of a Char's weapon, it is after all included in the MG Char's Zaku,
> Though You have a point there..knowing the greedy Bandai always looking for
> way to get more $ out of customers...Maybe they should just come out with a
> weapon set for each of the Chogokins, MGs, HGUCs, and MSIA lines...

The tank gun being a Char weapon? That's bizarre, considering he never used it in
the TV series or the Movies. But I'm sure if they do release the Green Zaku, it
will probably come with the 'cracker' grenades, leg-mounted rocket pods, and may
be the Masera top tank gun as well.


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