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I think when you say "realistic" it is a very subjective term - one that is
loaded with a bias towards Gundam being more "realistic" than other mecha

That's a wrong way to get into the subject - if you ask me. I don't think
that Gundam's portrayal of war is any more valid than Star Wars - or its
gritty realism any more than say Evangelion. Fiction is fiction - don't
think otherwise. Its just the approach to how people write that makes the
difference. How real would you say is a show like Nadesico? A comedy series
that approaches the wages of war realistically but without the gritty tone
that permeates Gundam...

I'd challenge the so called "realism" of Gundam itself. Without going into
specifics - I'd say that if you'd really think about a lot of the
pseudo-science stuff that you try to explain the universe of Gundam - you'd
find that it betrays certain laws of physics. I really believe that any of
these "realistic" elements are just stuff to be woven into the tapestry of
the story. It creates resonance and awe in the possibilities of such a
world - it doesn't make it any more "real" or valid.

Focus on how Gundam differs in its approach. Think about the time it came
out (late 70s) - compare it with other shows then. Ask why Gundam has lasted
this long. What were the intentions of the creators?

I personally find that the (0079) story is grand in scope compared to other
anime - with many complexities and great plotting that makes it a classic in
any era. It has a lot of great elements woven in - the romance of a great
rivalry, the tragic events etc. that would have absorbed young men into
watching the development of the story. I think that this is what made the
difference then and now.

I felt that what made me a fan was the idea of a worthy and great rival on
the opposing side - Char - whose sense of honor far outweighed any ally
Amoro had. He reminded me a lot of the World War I aces and their tendency
to answer a dogfight call when challenged by the opposing ace. A kind of
Gentleman's idea of warfare that seemed archaic and "unrealistic" - but this
very idea is what makes Char such an enduring presence. None of the other
anime shows apart from Samurai manga did this - and it was essentially a
seperate element in giant robot shows till the makers of Gundam merged these

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> My professor finally approved Gundam as my topic in my termpaper in
> Communication II. One of the questions I'll be asking in that paper is
> this: How realistic is Gundam(the whole show, not the MS itself), by
> itself, and when compared to other anime close in comparison to it? I
> hope all of you can give me some answers. I could answer that question
> myself but I also wanna know what do you guys think of the realism in
> Gundam, specifically the UC universe. Don't worry, you'll all be
> credited in my paper, I study in a university here that avoids
> plagiarism like the plague. Thanks in advance guys!
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