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> Well, I was reading Probes review at the anime model
> newsgroup, and Probe loves the MS In Action figures,

> especially the Zaku II's(The regular one and
Char's). > He says the RX-78's arms pops off and can
easily be
> put back on, but the Zaku II's are better made.

It's true. MSiA Gundam's arms' a bit less solid than
that of the Zaks, but still highly posable. It also
has the best pair of hands that can grip the beam
rifle firmly, unlike Dom's right hand, in which the
bazooka keeps falling off :(

> Some people have said they are not very poseable,
> I've seen pics of them out of the package and they
> can all kinds of poses. They have elbow, shoulder,
> knee, head, ankle, waist joints, and turnable hands.

> Plus, double jointed elbows. If that's not poseable,

> I don't know what is.

with the exception of Dom (mostly due to the MS
design), all my MSiAs are very poseable, from Gundam
to Zugock. Given the fact that they are all vinyl toys
w/o individually movable skirt armors (like the
chogokins), they are quite a treat.

> Yes, they are not like the chogokin psycho poseable
> Gundam, but the MSIA seem to be good for the price,
> $9 something(HLJ) - $13(American stores).

$6.50 (Hong Kong), which is even more attractive for
me (hehe).

I saw the chogokin Char's Zaku (4500 yen) is on sale,
too. Old school design, pretty much like what we saw
on 0079 TV and movies. Overall very neat & highly
poseable. My only peeve is the right shoulder shield
is very big, and is ball-jointed on top of the right
shoulder in order to conform w/ the posbability. My
verdict for chogokin Char's Zaku: grab it if the price
is right (50 bucks is my cut off for US retail price)

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