Sat, 27 Nov 1999 04:21:32 EST

BlazeEagle@aol.com writes:

> Yeah, I see what you mean. It actually looks good in that pic though. They
> are supposed to have a normal Green Zaku II chogokin, too. Bandai will
> probably make us buy it, by including the other weapons with the normal
> That's just speculation on my part, about the weapons, though.

    Well, that may be true for the Sturm fausts...but The tank gun has always
been more of a Char's weapon, it is after all included in the MG Char's Zaku,
Though You have a point there..knowing the greedy Bandai always looking for
way to get more $ out of customers...Maybe they should just come out with a
weapon set for each of the Chogokins, MGs, HGUCs, and MSIA lines...

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