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> BUT, I like the idea of a Zaku I can play
> with.

Well, I was reading Probes review at the anime model newsgroup, and Probe
loves the MS In Action figures, especially the Zaku II's(The regular one and
Char's). He says the RX-78's arms pops off and can easily be put back on, but
the Zaku II's are better made. Some people have said they are not very
poseable, but I've seen pics of them out of the package and they can all
kinds of poses. They have elbow, shoulder, knee, head, ankle, waist joints,
and turnable hands. Plus, double jointed elbows. If that's not poseable, I
don't know what is. Yes, they are not like the chogokin psycho poseable
Gundam, but the MSIA seem to be good for the price, $9 something(HLJ) -
$13(American stores).


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