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>It's unfair to say HGUC looks like 70s kits, first of all, there was no
>Gundam in the 70s ;) And if you stand a 1980s Guncannon or Gyan next to a
>HGUC, the improvement is pretty obvious. Technically, HGUC is the same as
>08MST HG, but they pumped out 6 in 7 months (with an 7th coming out in the
>9th month), compare to 7 08MST kits in 40 months. HGUC is coming out fast
>and furious. I think that's a sign that the HGUC are doing very well in
>the market.
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Well, I think it's aimed at the more serious older market, since those are
kits that wouldn't mean much to the GW/EW fans. I have the Gyan, The
ZakuIII, and the Guncanon (first two thanks to ole alex from JI!). Damn
good kits. I have the old zakuIII, and I can say that it is light years
from the original kit.

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