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>I'm looking for reference book on Colony. I need detail illustration of
>interior and exterior
>of the Colony. Can anyone recommend one?
>Also, where is the best place to get some of these books?

There are no Japanese reference books specifically about the space colonies
in Gundam. Some colony-specific material appears in many of the reference
books, but not all, and most of the really detailed sections are in books
long out of print.

That being said, you'll find some really good "UC Science" segments in the
backs of the ten Gundam The Movies series from Asahiya Shuppan. There's an
especially good one in Gundam 0080 The OVA Movies VIII: War In The Pocket,
Part 2 (1998.7.25, Asahiya Shuppan, ISBN4-7511-0131-5). It has
cross-sections, interior views, and so on, although a couple of them are
from other space colony designs, such as the Stanford torus and the Bernal

You might also want to look at G20 Mobile Suit Gundam 20th Anniversary
Tribute Magazine, Volume 5: Life Style Of Space Colony (1999.06, ASCII,

I got both of these items from Asahiya Bookstore USA, but you can also find
them at Kinokuniya Bookstore and other places that carry Japanese language

But your best bet may be to hunt around the secondhand book stores for some
of the space colonization books published in the mid- to late 1970s. Much
of the material in the aforementioned UC Science segments is lifted
straight out of these old references, which can usually be had for under
$5, provided of course that you can actually find them.


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