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> I dunno, his whole Protoculture Schtick would fit in more with Gundam's
> Newtypes, then anything in Macross, Southern Cross, or Mospeada. ;)

  I like the Protoculture thing, espically the Invid. I liked Robotech II,
also. Too bad it won't be continued past the pilot I rented from Blockbuster.
I won't get my hopes up until its 100% finalized, but there's going to be a
CGI Robotech 3000 show. It should be good, as long as its got good writers. I
guess he could, but I don't want 3 Gundam shows combined into one Gundam
show. But, now, if he combined 3 Gundam shows into one, totally changed the
story and made sure it didn't get mistaken for a Gundam, then it could be
bearable. Good thing him wanting to do something with Gundam is false.
  Have you or anyone else seen BotsMaster? It was about a boy inventor who
makes robots and fights an evil corperation that also makes robots and he
just happens to have worked for that corperation. I liked that show a lot, it
seemed to have a lot of ideas that seemed to be taken from anime.


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