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><<I can understand that. I rarely completed any comic series. My favorites
>were "Darkhawk" (this guy is so COOL!) and "Snake-Eyes and the Ninja Force".
>That last one was actually GI Joe: a Real American Hero. Marvel just played
>with the logo a bit for about a year in order to get better sales. Odd
>marketing aside, GI Joe was, however, one of the coolest comics of the 80s.

And unlike the tv show, people actually died! Well, except for Joes until they decided to wipe out like a quarter of the team within about 5 or 10 issues. That was what made me stop collecting it (yeah, they go through years of not being killed, and then all these Joes die within the span of a couple weeks? RRRRIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!!!! Now, had a few died every so often or these died in one single bombardment, that would have been much more believable). Previous to this, I had every issue. It's funny how in comics people were allowed to die, yet on tv, we couldn't have anyone die.


BTW, Darkhawk was cool. I have every issue.

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