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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >> I don't like Spawn's overuse of gore and violence though...I prefer the
> >> stylized violence of Japanese anime, though I suppose that's a matter of
> >> cultural taste.
> >Same here. Another reason I hate Spawn is the source of his powers. One
> issue
> >had him destroying beings from Heaven. I threw away the comic after only
> >reading two issues of it.
> Yes, it doesn't have the depth of personal redemption common to dark
> characters in Japanese anime. case in point, the detective in Kenshin, or
> even Char himself. These are essentially flawed characters, acting to the
> best of their abilities....Spawn, well, I just find it so...distasteful.
> probably a personal bias on my part.
I hate He's nothing more than a commercial product.
Dark because the marketing wants so. And his infernal powers are not
only disturbing but somewhat offensive.


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