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Master Asia wrote:
> Most HG models come in molded colors but instead of green, grey and
> black The runners were made in green and dark blue.That doesn't bother
> me any but just not what I expected. The model was fairly normal from

Ah that's interesting, I didn't know that. (I am and will be buying up
all the HGUC, so far skipping the Zak3 only) Gyan is the same. The parts
that are supposed to be royal blue are molded in violet. I actually like
this violet/light blue combo better than the original, but it's not

> And one more thing, I thought HGUC were models that deserved some
> redesign and recreation but unlike the MG line they look almost
> identical to thier early releases with minor adjustments. Does anyone
> know who is behind this? Hajime Katoke perhaps?

So far, Guncannon, Gyan, Zugock are all hugely improved over the previous
incarnations (so will Guntank). I know there was a chrome Type 100 model,
a 1/144 Quebley and Zaku 3 Custom, but I can't comment on their relative

I think the HGUC series are just that, HG in UC. So my expectation was
that the basic architecture is identical to the 08MST kits. Given that,
then the nice little features such as Guncannon's shoulders and Type 100's
no-cut-mark designs are a pleasant surprise.

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