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Sir Loin of Beef wrote:
> They feature some kind of apsaras with 4 huge nozzles below the main body. I
> haven't watched the 08MST yet so I could be missing something here, but was
> this shown at all?

Nope, notice the article is titled "Lost Episode". Personally, I suspect
it really should be called "Non-existent Episode", but I can't read
Japanese. So perhaps someone could translate the story behind the Asp3
Booster. (Why does a M-craft need a booster anyway? The White Base went
up to orbit without a booster right?)

> Oh, they have a nice piston joint for the sniper's knee, and a great
> base too. I noticed they also redid the shoulder hooks...was the
> detail that bad?

Ah! they have a habbit of redoing everything, the shoulders were not bad
as it was. I think the best feature is the hosed up backpack and the
platform. The knee and ankle mods are way beyond my ability, but I may
try hosing up the backpack.

(yes I did buy this kit, can't resist the Asparas III :)

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