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 Isn't there a Quebeley kit with a Hamaan figure w/ it?


>> I remember a few months back that people didn't like the fact that its chrome
>> but this model looks really good and I guess this I just to tell every body
>> that this model rocks!
>It looks great, doesn't it? I suggest everyone to wear latex gloves when
>building this.
>> BTW has anyone here bought the HGUC Quebeley? I'm curious as to if I
>> should buy it because it looks almost Identical to the old 1/144
>Just got it, haven't even had a good look at the plastic. Since I don't
>have any earlier Q models, I can't comment on what's new and improved. But
>we've heard nothing but compliments about HGUC so far, right?
>71 parts plus polycaps, that's not counting duplicates, with dups, it's
>like >80 parts plus polycaps. 6 colours molding (1 of which is the
>transparent yellow sabres). So perhaps that's telling you something.
>Gimmicks: 2 beam sabres, 2 sabre butts mounted up the "sleeves", 10
>funnels, 2 pairs of hands (open palms, fists). Each of the 4 "shoulder
>pads" are mounted on 2 seperate polycaps on the shoulder, so they can move
>every which way. General details look very good. The inside of the
>"shoulder pads" has nice details like pipes and whatnot. When u tilt the
>head up for the fly-like-Ultraman pose, the neck extended is also
>detailed, and the polycap stays hidden from view.
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