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>> Yes, it doesn't have the depth of personal redemption common to dark
>> characters in Japanese anime. case in point, the detective in Kenshin, or
>> even Char himself. These are essentially flawed characters, acting to the
>> best of their abilities....
> Yes, I know what you mean. There's dark anime character's, but most of
>aren't like Spawn.

Perhaps it's because of depth...Spawn has a very simple way of doing
things, character wise, whereas you have people like Char who are so
complex about their motives...and then there is the idea of dark japanese
anime characters being actually more honorable than their good
counterparts...see Anavel Gato as an example.

>Spawn, well, I just find it so...distasteful.
>> probably a personal bias on my part.
>I feel the same way. Its because Spawn is just... wrong.

Is it because of the demonic slant? I dunno, I was watching Demon City
Shinjuku and WIcked city, and I found them more tasteful than Spawn...even
with all the sex-weirdness of Wicked City...

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