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>I've heard that a lot of Pinoy Gundam fans are on the Wing ML.
>Do we isolate ourselves from the Duo Worshippers first?
>I'm not into Wing or G Gundam... Strictly Amoro-Char saga man... But I feel
>that the ML group is a bit small to rely on to meet together in interesting
>numbers - speaking from experience - maraming umiindyan sa mga ganitong

1) I guess we start muna with people who like gundam per se, not just wing
fanatics...I like wing, but the concept of having a bunch of 10 year-olds
over for lunch is kinda daunting.

2) yeah, I know the feeling of few people meeting up, that's why i suggest
my house.

>A local fan club started out this way - mainly through an ML and met - but
>from a group of 30 in the ML - only 6 or 7 showed up for the initial

except fot the voltes V fans club...

>> Okay, now that that has been heard about...Pinoy ML'ers, please send me
>> your e-mail addies, and/or contact numbers or what not off-list please,
>> then maybe we can get something together...
>I've sent mine.

thanks fed!

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