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>Master Asia wrote:
>> I remember a few months back that people didn't like the fact that its
>> but this model looks really good and I guess this I just to tell every body
>> that this model rocks!
>It looks great, doesn't it? I suggest everyone to wear latex gloves when
>building this.
>> BTW has anyone here bought the HGUC Quebeley? I'm curious as to if I
>> should buy it because it looks almost Identical to the old 1/144
>Just got it, haven't even had a good look at the plastic. Since I don't
>have any earlier Q models, I can't comment on what's new and improved. But
>we've heard nothing but compliments about HGUC so far, right?

Well I wouldn't call what I have to say complaints but there are some problems
I've had with the last one I bought, The Zaku III Custom, don't get me wrong
its a great model but I wouldn't reccomend if you don't plan to paint, prime

Most HG models come in molded colors but instead of green, grey and black The
runners were made in green and dark blue.That doesn't bother me any but just
not what I expected. The model was fairly normal from there on but the thighs
had the wierdest insert. I decided to airbrush it first but Afterwards when I
tried to put it in it scratched off some primer, you can't see it but if I was
the designer I would have put a swivel joint like the 1/144 Rick Dom II.

To this day I have not finished it because I put it aside in favor of newer
models but I'll get back to it soon ^_^

And one more thing, I thought HGUC were models that deserved some redesign and
recreation but unlike the MG line they look almost identical to thier early
releases with minor adjustments. Does anyone know who is behind this? Hajime
Katoke perhaps?

- Roger

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