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Master Asia wrote:
> I remember a few months back that people didn't like the fact that its chrome
> but this model looks really good and I guess this I just to tell every body
> that this model rocks!

It looks great, doesn't it? I suggest everyone to wear latex gloves when
building this.

> BTW has anyone here bought the HGUC Quebeley? I'm curious as to if I
> should buy it because it looks almost Identical to the old 1/144

Just got it, haven't even had a good look at the plastic. Since I don't
have any earlier Q models, I can't comment on what's new and improved. But
we've heard nothing but compliments about HGUC so far, right?

71 parts plus polycaps, that's not counting duplicates, with dups, it's
like >80 parts plus polycaps. 6 colours molding (1 of which is the
transparent yellow sabres). So perhaps that's telling you something.
Gimmicks: 2 beam sabres, 2 sabre butts mounted up the "sleeves", 10
funnels, 2 pairs of hands (open palms, fists). Each of the 4 "shoulder
pads" are mounted on 2 seperate polycaps on the shoulder, so they can move
every which way. General details look very good. The inside of the
"shoulder pads" has nice details like pipes and whatnot. When u tilt the
head up for the fly-like-Ultraman pose, the neck extended is also
detailed, and the polycap stays hidden from view.

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