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*snip but agree with most of what has been said.*

>Any actor worthy of the name can learn a new form or style of
>delivery. It's part of the job of being an actor. Voice over work is more
>than just reading lines, which is the impression I get when I hear a lot of
>what passes for voice acting here in America.

For most of the older dubbed stuff, I would have to agree, but the newer stuff, esp. the work done by ADV and US Manga is very good. Granted, I don't speak much Japanese, but most the anime I have by these companies is done very well, and the actors (some of whom I have met) perform their parts very well. Also, at least those involved with ADV often watch the straight Japanese anime before doing any sort of work on their characters. Then, they will often get involved in choosing the lines they feel would best fit the part (kinda like many normal actors) and character. For example, Tiffany Grant and Amanda Winn-Lee who did Asuka and Rei respectively in the English dub of Evangelion performed their roles extremely well, as they always do in any of their work.


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