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Subject: Not so good shops, formerly Re: [gundam] GM sniper vs. V2
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>>Where is this "BEST" shop ? All I know in Virra Mall shops that have
>>are Special Toys Center, Comic Alley and a store that sells anime in VCD
>>(comic something it's name is...) ?

I buy some kits from Special Toys. But the main reason why I go there is
to buy paint. I haven't passed by there in a while so I don't know what
they have right now...
For some reason, I don't buy model kits from Comic Alley. I buy posters,
novelty stuff, and Pokemon stuff for my sister and my girlfriend ^^;;;

>Comic Express. Has some interesting kits, and some academy stuff. A Dijeh
>and Desert Zaku are there.

I haven't tried buying from Comic Express. IIRC, they have lots of Macross
kits. Their vcd's are kinda pricy. I have a friend who buys those vcd's
for around half the price (the usual contacts, i guess).
Are those Academy kits good?

>Best Toys is down on the first floor of Virra Mall. nice, but trying to
>get discounts there only works if you're a big spender or (pardon me, but
>this is true) chinese, or you are a friend of the owner.

yeah, i've been noticing this. he only started noticing me after i bought
a couple of MG kits from him. must think i'm a rich kid or something...

>Sorry, just venting because of the last time I was there. That old guy
>gave me a "Can you afford it?" look when I was perusing the 1/100 kits.
>Thank god some business concerns are coming to click. By mid next year,
>I'll go by there with a lot of kits from other places and tell him he lost
>a lot of business from me.


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