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>I heard that Carl Macek wanted to make Gundam part of Robotech. Any truth
>to this?

None whatsoever.

Carl Macek didn't even want to make Robotech as we now know it. He started
out simply trying to bring Macross over, but ran into the problem that he
needed 85 episodes to qualify for syndication (5 days a week for 37
weeks). Macross only ran 36, so he needed two more series to achieve the
magic number. His original plan was to combine all three of the "Super
Dimensional" series -- Macross, Orguss and Southern Cross -- but at the
last minute Tatsunoku and Big West raised the price they wanted for Orguss,
so he went with Genesis Climber Mospeada, instead.

Gundam was never under consideration. This was, after all, back around
1984, before Z Gundam even went on the air, so all he would've had was the
original series, which didn't have the transforming mecha that were the
hallmark of the Macross series and the essential ingredient in the Robotech
mythos. And the variable MS introduced in Z Gundam were a far cry from the
"Veritech" style, which, like the Transformers series, featured a humanoid
robot with a distinct and fully functional alternate form.


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