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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> >The MSN is particularly confusing considering the NZ also uses the same
> >prefix for their MS, and the N sure as hell doesn't stand for Nagano
> Right - it's short for Newtype, obviously.

hmm.. I thought it stood for Neozion. Was the MSN-X4 Bagi Doga a psychomu
system MS? or why did the AMX-120X psychomu Geara Doga not use MSN prefix?
But considering the MSN-02 is the Ziong, and the MSN-01 is the psychomu
Zaku, and that the Neo Zions didn't exist then, you're probably right.

> The Mark V does indeed derive from the Psyco Gundam Mark II, but
>according to G Generation Zero, it also inherits from Anaheim's MSF-007
>Gundam Mark III. This new game presents an original "missing link", the
>Gundam Mark IV, which is a little bit like the Mark III and a little bit
>like the Mark V, with a single incom mounted in its backpack. But i think
>I already explained this...

I don't think any of the Mk IIIs which I've seen had the quasi psychomu
system in mind during its design.

> Sure, but there's no proof that GM _isn't_ a contraction of "Gundam" or
>"Gundam Mass-produced". Without knowing for sure, we can't rule out the
>possibility that GM is an acronym or abbreviation just like FAZZ or
>Re-GZ. It certainly doesn't stand for "General Model," which is a
>fabrication of English-speaking fans.

umm.. no. The chance that the word Gundam is implied in GM is only a
POSSIBILITY (one which I don't put much stock in), the presence of the word
Gundam in the Re-GZ and the FAZZ is FACT. I don't think one should design a
classification system based what MIGHT be, but rather what IS. Otherwise,
you have to worry about every MS beginning with the letter G, like
Guncannon, Guntank etc.. I'd leave out speculations in classifying MS.
Again, I don't see how you can dismiss "General Model" so easily, it
actually makes more sense to me than "Gundam Mass Produced", but since there
is no empiracal evidence to support either, we can't assume it even stands
for anything.

> That's a value judgement. I'm trying to avoid subjective "well, that
>doesn't seem like a Gundam to me" arguments. And like I said several
>times already, the possibility that "GM" is an abbreviation for "Gundam"
>is the reason why I ruled out other derivatives like Z Plus, FAZZ, and
>Re-GZ... because, like I said, any rule that classifies the GM as a
>Gundam is obviously useless.

see my argument above. In any case value judgements is more accurate than
any physical or symbolic classification. A Gundam is the very antithesis of
"cannonfodderism". There are dozens of Gundams in existence, if there is one
trait they share, this is it.

> That's the opinion of Bandai's hired writers, not of the Sentinel staff
>(who never say what FAZZ stands for). But if you're going to consider the
>Entertainment Bibles as an official authority, then I suppose even my
>rigid definition could accept the FAZZ as a Gundam. Of course, if the
>FAZZ qualifies, then so does the Re-GZ...

well since Bandai owns Gundam.. its fair to say what they say goes. They
define canonity. Unless ofcourse they say something which contradicts what
they said previously. So far they havn't, atleast not in the case of the
FAZZ or Re-GZ.

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