Tomonaga (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 10:05:19 +1300

Although the highly anticipated playstation version of Giren's Creed was
earmarked for winter 99 release,unfortunately this does not seem to be
the case. The official Sony release list contain no mention of this game
for December and the Bandai site makes no mention of this game either.
Since the release of a new Gundam game is usually publicised months in
advance could this mean the game has been delayed/shelved indefinitely ?

I checked the Sega site and at the moment there is no mention of
anymore games from Bandai for the dreamcast for the foreseeable future.

However Bandai is developing a Gundam game for the playstation 2 for
2000 release but at the moment there is no information on what type of
game this is going to be.

Has anyone seen anything about the PSX Giren's Creed game in Japanese
video game magazines ?


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