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mirai y wrote:

> >What a ridiculous assertion! One need look no further than Star Trek to
> >see that characterizations can be done quite effectively with speech
> >patterns in English. Spock's distinctly "logical" delivery is so widely
> >imitated as to be a cliche now.
> OK, you are right. However, in Japanese, it's not just the accent and
> delivery but things such as how they address themselves and others. For
> example, there are about a dozen different ways to say "I", each with a
> different feel. Relena uses watakushi; Heero, Trowa and Wufei ore; Quatre
> boku; Sally and Zechs watashi.
> It's hard to explain, but I guess I'm trying to say that Japanese depends
> more on the actual difference in words rather than accent or delivery. (for
> example, if Heero is to say "die" to someone, he would use "shine". Duo
> would use "shinjimae". Relena "shininasai".)

But you could say the same with English although it wouldn't be a variation of
the same word. Have you considered that what differentiates the accents of
English speakers is not just pronounciation/delivery but also the actual words
that they use. Even in written form, you can often imply the accent/origin of
the speaker by the words used. Perhaps someone else can come up with better
examples but...I'll try

In most Gundam series the MS pilot shouts 'Shizume!' before delivering the final
blow/shot usually on a ship/MA. Mirai will know what it means but for others it
is literally 'Sink!' , 'Go down!' you get the general idea.

I noticed that in the Anime-Village tapes this word is subtitled as 'Go to
Hell!' everytime.
Since they decided to go with a phrase which seems more appropriate, instead of
a literal translation, you can come up with alternative phrases which convey the
speaker's accent/origin/character. Just think what a speaker of a particular
accent would say in the same situation.

'Die Sucker!', 'Rot in Hell' , 'Eat this!', 'Hasta la vista, baby!', 'Die!','
Die, Scoundrel!' etc etc.

See my point ?
I probably notice these things more because where I live, I am constantly
exposed to English accents from all over the world. And I have often tried to
imitate accents but could never pull it off because although I can copy the
pronounciation I can't come up with the appropriate words on the fly. I would
have to remember all the common phrases specific to the particular accent for
every situation! : )

By the way, I also share an understanding of Japanese and English, language and


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