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>> Comic Express. Has some interesting kits, and some
>> academy stuff. A Dijeh
>> and Desert Zaku are there.
>go there. eez good. i should get paid for this
>shameless plug. :)

They have some good old kits. I like the owner too, since he is a friend.
they also have VCD's of the TOS Gundam series, I think.

>the gm sniper isn't *really* that big a deal. you get
>all standard gm goodies and a bonus rifle. but the
>thing poses more like a mangled guitar. you'd have to
>strain the arms to get it into a eye-to-gunsight pose,
>which is more awkward than cool, more laughable than
>"oh wow!".

That's actually a problem with a lot of kits, which is the reason why the
1/144 EW kits came with option parts to make them able to do special poses
from the cartoon. Same with the HGUC the sword hand of the
Gyan, and the hands of the Gunccannon.

>and yeah, there's no details on the rifle. even for
>guys who love big-f'g-gun toting mechs, this one could
>disappoint slightly. the rifle (with it's awkward
>carpal tunnel syndromed right hand) is no good in
>other poses.

I saw the rifle. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I would rather steal the BFG off my
Academy S-gundam than buy that.

>i liked the dark green though (i hated the orange gm).
> with a little black, you can paint it in camouflage

That is true. I think the color scheme was designed with that in mind.

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