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Thu, 25 Nov 1999 12:28:39 EST

>There's nothing Cheesy about the fact that Gundam had a standard (at the
>time) Giant-Robot type anime opening and song, or that like any other
>children's show it was serialized in pre-school magazines.

At the time Gundam was airing, I actually LIKED that theme song... I still
have the 45rpm single of it! I thought it was better than a lot of other
Giant Robot anime theme songs. It's just that when I compare it to theme
songs from now, it's quite cheesy. Although the Turn A theme song is
supposed to be about as bad though...

Listen to the disc Gundam
>Singles History and you can see how the songs changed from standard
>children's fare to more mature materials (they got a major songwriter for
>the first motion picture theme, which was considered a major coup at the

This is quite true. I still have all 3 record albums from the motion
pictures, and I really like them.


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