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>What a ridiculous assertion! One need look no further than Star Trek to
>see that characterizations can be done quite effectively with speech
>patterns in English. Spock's distinctly "logical" delivery is so widely
>imitated as to be a cliche now.

OK, you are right. However, in Japanese, it's not just the accent and
delivery but things such as how they address themselves and others. For
example, there are about a dozen different ways to say "I", each with a
different feel. Relena uses watakushi; Heero, Trowa and Wufei ore; Quatre
boku; Sally and Zechs watashi.

It's hard to explain, but I guess I'm trying to say that Japanese depends
more on the actual difference in words rather than accent or delivery. (for
example, if Heero is to say "die" to someone, he would use "shine". Duo
would use "shinjimae". Relena "shininasai".)

>The problem with dubbed anime is that the voice actors are never allowed to
>develop any characterizations. They're too busy just trying to get the
>dialogue out to the beat dictated by the mouth movements. The closest they
>ever get to true voice acting is copping a funny accent or weird laughter.

I agree with this part. Although since the voice is recorded after the
pictures in almost all Japanese anime, the Japanese voice actors are
basically in the same boat... Maybe the difference is that Japanese relies
more on word difference than delivery of the lines for characterizations,
making their job easier.

I once asked a friend, a fairly well known Japanese voice actress how she
learned to synchronize her lines to mouth movements. She said it's an
acquired skill, and quite different from normal acting. (She also does


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