Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:06:13 -0500

>My 7 yr. old loves Beast Wars. I was forced to buy Beast Wars toys in Japan
>last summer despite my strong urging to buy Gundam toys instead. They're
>made by Takara, and the worst possible quality. They've all fallen apart,
>and I've thrown them all away. Contrast that to original Chogokin my
>brother bought over 20 yrs. ago. and have been through 3 boys. They're
>still in good shape. (My kid's favorite? Mazinga Z and Getta Robo guys.
>My cousin just sent us Super Robot Taisen Complete Box for Playstation and
>it's cool because he recognizes the robots!)

 Hmm... is SRW Aplha already released in Japan?

>That's a really good thought. Saturday morning usually have even lower
>demographics than Toonami.
>Either way I'm happy. I want to buy Gundam toys, not Beast Wars! (And
>especially not Pokemon which is now overflowing out of our house...)

 What is so good about Beast Wars anyway? I know I may be biased and all, but I do find a lot of things to comment on Beast Wars.


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