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There's nothing Cheesy about the fact that Gundam had a standard (at the
time) Giant-Robot type anime opening and song, or that like any other
children's show it was serialized in pre-school magazines. That was how it
was. But like the literal Newtype, it evolved. Listen to the disc Gundam
Singles History and you can see how the songs changed from standard
children's fare to more mature materials (they got a major songwriter for
the first motion picture theme, which was considered a major coup at the

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> >As opposed to the OP for Gundam [Original series] do you mean? : )
> >Gundam] Which is not cheesy at all, how could you possibly say that...
: )
> >Seriously though, I can't think of a cheesier OP in anime than that
> >[unless of course, you know different]
> I recently bought the First Gundam videos and watched them for the first
> time in almost 20 yrs. I have to admit I laughed hysterically through the
> cheesy OP song! Didn't realize how bad it was at the time because most
> anime OP songs were even more cheesy... if you can believe it.
> And the Ending song... we used to make fun of how off-key that singer is.
> Speaking of cheesy, has anyone heard the "Char" song on one of the albums?
> (One where they keep saying "Char") People on the Japanese Gundam
> was making fun of it a few months ago. It's even more cheesy than the OP
> song.
> Side note: On the opening credits, it listed 2 magazines that Gundam was
> serialized in at the time. "Tanoshii Youchien" (literally, Fun Pre-school
> for 3 to 5 yr. olds) and "Telebi Magajin" (for 5 to 8 yr. old boys, full
> cheesy Sentai shows and Kamen Raider type tokusatsu shows) Comic Bon Bon
> that later Gundam shows were serialized in is extremely sophisticated
> compared to the first two. It's interesting how sponsors of Gundam
> expected a show for "little kids". I have 2 Gundam board books (you know,
> the hard books so little kids can't rip the pages) from way back. It's
> hysterical to look at the bad pictures and the even worse stories. ("Look
> Gundam! He's strong! He protects good children!" you get the idea)
> They're so bad, they're now part of my Gundam book collection.
> mirai
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