garrick lee (
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:32:58 -0800 (PST)

> >Where is this "BEST" shop ? All I know in Virra
> Mall shops that have models
> >are Special Toys Center, Comic Alley and a store
> that sells anime in VCD sub
> >(comic something it's name is...) ?
> Comic Express. Has some interesting kits, and some
> academy stuff. A Dijeh
> and Desert Zaku are there.

go there. eez good. i should get paid for this
shameless plug. :)

> >I've never heard of that name before... where is
> it?
> Best Toys is down on the first floor of Virra Mall.
> nice, but trying to
> get discounts there only works if you're a big
> spender or (pardon me, but
> this is true) chinese, or you are a friend of the
> owner. Low-salaried
> Indios like me are usually ignored by him, whereas
> all the chinese
> teenagers who buy by the tens of kits usually get a
> nice discount and get
> to chat to him nicely. that's why i don't go there
> so much.

ouch! a sad, but true, circumstance.

i get a discount even if i don't ask for one. doh!
but the discounts (that i got) vary on the size of
kits and price, i've noticed. get back on track.

the gm sniper isn't *really* that big a deal. you get
all standard gm goodies and a bonus rifle. but the
thing poses more like a mangled guitar. you'd have to
strain the arms to get it into a eye-to-gunsight pose,
which is more awkward than cool, more laughable than
"oh wow!".

and yeah, there's no details on the rifle. even for
guys who love big-f'g-gun toting mechs, this one could
disappoint slightly. the rifle (with it's awkward
carpal tunnel syndromed right hand) is no good in
other poses.

i liked the dark green though (i hated the orange gm).
 with a little black, you can paint it in camouflage

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