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>> I heard that Carl Macek wanted to make Gundam part of Robotech. Any truth
>> to this?
> God no! I hope its not true or at least its not in Macek's head anymore. I
>liked Robotech, but he doesn't need to touch Gundam. He could never be able
>to get near Gundam. All the Gundam fans in the world, would probably toilet
>paper his house, thorw rotten fruit at him, strip him and tar and feather
>before they would let him touch Gundam. ^_^

Yeah, and then I would really support funding for the first MS just to make
sure it can step on his house. Admittedly, Macek did wonders for intro'ing
anime into US mainstream, but please, Gundam is way too sacred for me....I
think I now know how some macross purists felt about what he did...

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