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> Aye, that is something to really think about. Pokemon has invaded my
> friend's houses, too. Only my house remains a bastion of Gundam now. but
> I have to admit, I have a liking for Rockman and Bt'X, and i have a prize
> Soltic and Dougram as well...and my altar is devoted to my Voltes V. SOC
> Mazinger is there too, soon to be joined by Grandizer....and off to one
> side is Evangelion, which gives everybody the creeps.

I like Gundam, but I tend to buy non Gundam stuff as much as I buy Gundam
stuff. I like Gundam the best, but I like all Japanese robots that appeal to
me. I love my SOC Mazinger Z, but the SOC Grandizer makes me drool :) That's
gonna be one great robot toy! I want the SOC Combattler, but it is very
pricey, I could get a lot of Gundam kits for the price of one Combattler. I
spend money one at least two items. Its hard to buy a $200 robot, when I
could buy $200 worth of Gundam kits.


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