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>> Speaking of cheesy, has anyone heard the "Char" song on one of the
>> (One where they keep saying "Char") People on the Japanese Gundam
>Newsgroup > was making fun of it a few months ago. It's even more cheesy
>than the OP
>> song.
> Oh man.....I remember that song....The first time I listend to it, Char
>was stuck in my head for a long time. By the way, isn't there an Amuro song
>just like that? with the singer saying Amuro Amuro over and over again? As
>for the Op song...has anyone ever listend to the Hard Rock version of it?
>it's fun

The OP song is FLY! GUNDAM, which should give you an idea of the lyrical
content. Sort of FLY, ROBIN, FLY without the disco beat. (^_^)

The other two songs are HERE COMES CHAR! and FOREVER AMURO. Lalar Sun was
the other character to have her own image song, SHINING LALAR, sung by
Keiko Toda (voice actress for Matilda Ajan), who also sang the ED song, NOW


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