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>> In terms of non-hardware resources, the AEUG enjoys the support of
>> several lunar cities and space colonies, particularly Side 2
>> and Granada.
>> Shortly before the Federation withdraws its support of the
>> Titans, these
>> evil louts start attacking the AEUG's civilian supporters directly,
>> carrying out gas attacks on Side 2 colonies.
>Question: I supposed that Titan's funding came from Federation Military
>itself for the most part of its existence. But what's their source of
>funding after Federation withdraw its support? I supposed that they fully
>realize that they need to not only fight AEUG, Axis and the main Federation
>Force, but to topple the government in order to continue to exist. After
>all, if your own government has cut you loose, you have no choice but to try
>to become the government itself.

Given the type of thugs who were running the Federation (or EUG, as it was
called at the time) -- Jamitov and Basque and the hoodlums working with
them, as seen in Gundam 0083 -- the Titans probably started with an
unlimited budget that was siphoned off from other Federal projects. Some
of that money undoubted stuck to some of the hands through which it passed.

>Titan, like a well run military organization probably have stockpiled
>material and fuel, which will not run out in the short run. But if they
>don't toppled the Federation, I don't see how they can survived even if they
>managed to defeat Axis and AEUG.

There's a clearer parallel between the Nazis and the Titans than there ever
was between the Nazis and the Zeon. When the EUG and Titans fell from
power, other splinter factions like the New Decides arose to carry on their
cause. Some of them were members of the former elite and had access to
their hidden wealth, just as many escaped Nazis lived off their stolen
wealth in Argentina.

It's been half a century and they're still finding caches of Nazi gold and
art collections looted from the various groups they funneled into the slave
labor and extermination camps. The Titans weren't quite to extreme or
obvious, but for a time they were the unquestioned elite military force of
the government of Earth -- they could've stashed tons of gold during the
four years that they had total control of the natural resources of the
entire Earth Sphere.


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