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>I'm not trying to brag, but I'm truly fluent in both languages. I have the
>educational equivalent of 9th grade in Japanese (from a Japanese ministry of
>education approved Japanese school) and an MD from an American medical
>school. When I'm in Japan people think I'm native and vice versa in the US.
> Most translators are fluent in one but learned the other as a foreign
>language. I think that is why nuances are often lost or mistranslated.
>(And yes, I have met and personally talked to several of the big name
>translators in the American anime industry and their English was less than

That's a shocking bit of truth. I always thought that they were at least
verbally fluent in both languages...

>>And they almost always attempt to keep the translation as accurate as
>This comment is actually not true. In many of the dubs, the voice actors
>are given the freedom to make things up as they go along because Japanese
>can never be translated exactly into English. In many cases, they are
>forbidden to watch the original Japanese version because it will influence
>how they act out the part. The belief is that they are making Anime for the
>American audience, and doing things the American way would appeal to a
>larger audience.

That is patently ridiculous! one should always take into account original
source material! what they need is not that approach, but to have someone
who knows both cultures, and can translate in equivalency!

>>You comment on all the cussing, and the Japanese being very polite. >Well,
>>have you ever considered that this is acting out a part? Not >all
>>characters in anime are Japanese ones, are they? And the world >of anime is
>>not always set in the real world is it?
>In a way, you are right. The Japanese language has almost no curse words,
>especially strong ones. They depend more the speech itself to insult
>people. However, the American translations often overdo the cursing in
>inappropriate places. And believe me, GW had almost NO place where cursing
>was appropriate.

GW was notorious for nasty cursing, LOL! all I heard from the version we
had here in the Philippines was "Hangal!" (bastard), which I think they
used as a replacement for "Baka" (idiot?).

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