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>Beast Wars has had mediocre success. It caught the eye of kids with their
>animation - and the characters are known by name. But it didn't cause a
>buying frenzy like G Gundam did. I dunno - maybe some factors - pricing for
>one thing. G Gundam is relatively cheap to American toys.

Yeah, those Beast wars stuff are really beastly in price...but did you see
the Dino-zone stuff? COOL!

Another thing that I liked about the GGundam toys is that they are in SCALE
-- 1/100 to be precise. thought the proportions tend to be massive, it is
basically in 1/100 -- my model kit and the toy for God Gundam are pretty
much the same could be also the only way one can get 1/100 of
the Rose or the Bolt and Spiegel...I just wish they made a toy of
Master....the kit tends to be very fragile...

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